Moontosser of the Prairie

Here is an opportunity for extra credit:

Attend the showing of “Moontosser of the Prairie” at the Hudson auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 21. The showing will be at 7 PM with a free reception at 6 PM in the atrium. The film explores the life and art of M.T. Liggett, a metal-sculpture artist from Mullinville, Kansas. Liggett’s welding studio has been a regular stop on the JCCC statewide tour. Liggett is known for his polemic art in which he ridicules politicians and social policy, sometimes by employing classical themes, and uses ordinary farm equipment for materials. He has been the subject of a number of travel documentaries and articles in national periodicals like Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Most of these explore him in a peripheral way; associates of the Kansas Studies Institute, in partnership with the Nerman Museum, have been working on production of this half-hour documentary for more than a year with the hope of examining his ideas more carefully. Mr. Liggett himself plans to attend the premiere, and will join the producers afterwards in a brief discussion with the audience.

Attend the event and complete a two-page (no more, no less) review of the film and the subsequent discussion. Submit it as a PDF with the usual nomenclature to the instructor drive by the last day of finals: Friday, December 17.