WEB 112 Final Project (aka Quiz 4)

Develop and present a biographical presentation AND a 30-second “elevator pitch

  • Create an action plan for the overall project
  • Establish a clear career objective
  • Decide if you will professionally use a social media presence. If you choose not to, explain why in your presentation. If you will use social media, develop social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and/or any other industry-specific group for which a profile can be viewed on the web (Note: conscientious objection is valid professional philosophy)
  • Develop a list of keywords to include in the online profiles and résumés
  • Develop a functional résumé
  • Develop a chronological résumé
  • Develop a draft cover letter
  • Determine the best technology to use for the presentation (page 114, Unit 4 – Verbal Communication)
  • Determine presentation look and feel
  • Presentations: no more than 10 minutes and 30 seconds in length and no less than 9 minutes and 30 seconds in length
  • Elevator Pitches“: must be exactly 30 seconds, but can be audio recordings rather than another video

Part 1: Due April 18

  • Write down every single thing you’ve ever done that you would want someone to know about you. Did you win a spelling bee in 5th grade? Write it down. Did you win a photography contest in high school? Write it down. Are you a member of a community organization? Write it down. I literally mean everything you can remember from your life that you’d share with others. Interview each other if necessary. This document will be the basis for your résumés and/or curriculum vitaes. Only after you’ve written down everything can you start whittling that list down into useful documents.
  • This will also be very useful in determining the short list of items to use in your elevator pitch
  • Action plan is starting to take shape after meeting to discuss with Prof. Lafferty

Part 2: Due April 25

  • Action plan for overall project is finalized
  • Meet individually with Prof. Lafferty to discuss, edit and plan for project prior to this due date
  • Social media (or appropriate alternative) profile(s)
  • Look for elements from within the profile to highlight in the presentation
  • Look for any instance that would loan itself to a visual representation
  • Make examples personal
  • Limit each visual to one message (also true of slides)
  • Discuss visual supporting content
  • Displaying credentials and in a visual manner
  • Functional Résumé, Chronological Résumé, Draft Cover Letter: due to Prof. Lafferty for review

Part 3: Final Presentation: Due May 3 (Guidelines)

  • Final deliverables provided to Professor Lafferty
  • Presentations posted in Canvas by 6PM CST
  • “Elevator Pitch” posted in Canvas by 6PM CST
  • Dress professionally: suit, jacket and/or tie not required, but encouraged, if you will be appearing on camera