WEB 112 Final Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Time Limit: 20 minutes per person (presentation, plus question and answer period)10 minutes (we’ll do q&a in Canvas asynchronously)


  • Minimum 10 slides per person
  • Title/Intro Page/Topic: What do you want us to know about you?
  • Objective: What is your career objective?
  • Biographical highlights: What about you makes you a strong candidate/employee in this field/industry?
  • Résumé: Full résumé plus pop-ups or callouts of significant items.
  • Cover letter: Full cover letter plus pop-ups or callouts of significant items.
  • References: Have a cool reference? Highlight it, like an endorsement or testimonial.
  • Repeat Topic
  • Conclusion


  • Content
  • Paragraph and sentence structure (subject, predicate, length)
  • Topic, Details, Repeat Topic, Conclusion
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Appearance
  • Non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Connection to the audience
  • Preparing a trigger question
  • Preparation for other audience questions


  • How the presentation is created is up to the team.
  • Each team member shall present their peer teammate’s information.
  • Creativity and visual choices, typography, etc. will NOT be part of the assessment EXCEPT consistency between the team members.


  • Hard copy of résumé (both types, on résumé paper)
  • Hard copy of cover letter (on résumé paper)
  • Share digital versions of above via Google Drive; include a new document with links to social media profiles

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